Elton Hall Chronicles: First Semester

A Kiss At Midnight Reviews

Kelsey told you all about Charlotte from her book, Queen of Emeralds, so it is time for you all to hear about Violet Carrington.

Violet is a nineteen year old freshman attending Elton Hall University. She loves books and literature and spent most of her childhood lost in magical worlds like Narnia and fighting with Demigods. As she has grown, her favorite book has become Pride and Prejudice and she has developed a real passion for mysteries. Right now intends to study English but she is fully prepared to possibly switch to journalism.

She is also a card shark. Violet’s father taught her to play poker as a small child and she quickly turned into a savant. Her older brother had stopped playing with her because he was tired of losing. It is on her bucket list to play at the World Series of Poker and of course to win an…

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